With an extensive range of insulating metal panels for walls and roofs, Isocindu responds to every functional, production and aesthetic requirement, combining technological efficiency and creative freedom.


Custom-made solutions against heat dissipation
Isocindu offers various typologies, colors and finishing for insulating metal panels to design custom-made solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and zootechny buildings, and for cold storage logistics. Our products guarantee thermal and sound insulation, strength, air tightness, an excellent reaction to fire, and sound absorption. They are light, versatile and easy to install.

Thanks to our Assistance Center, we also offer fixing elements, finishing tinsmitheries, rain gutters, and corrugated components for skylights, both translucent and of polycarbonate.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by a team of constantly up-to-date professionals and highly qualified technicians that cooperate with our customers and interpret their requirements. Our 40-year plus experience, our thorough knowledge of the market, of the reference standards and of the major trends of the building sector allow us to develop exclusive products, innovative systems and brand new solutions. Furthermore, a modern logistic structure ensures a timely processing of the orders, while the integration between production and distribution allows for quick deliveries in Italy and abroad.

Our sandwich panels consist of a metal frame and an insulating layer of polyurethane or rock wool. They are manufactured through state-of-the-art processes powered by solar panel systems that produce the necessary power and contribute to reduce our impact on the environment.

Line and lab tests ensure the high quality standards of the materials, while the updating on the chemistry of polyurethanes aims at extending the fields of application of the sandwich panels.

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