Isocindu promotes the efficiency, the quality and the talent in designing, manufacturing and installing walls and roofs.
The experience gained in the course of the years has brought us to improve our potential and share it. The updating, the training and the dialog with the professionals who use our products are the keys to grow and be more competitive on the market. That’s why we organize highly specialized workshops and upgrading meetings and on their completion, we issue a certificate of attendance.

Why should you organize a workshop with Isocindu?
- Because Isocindu is the main European manufacturer of insulating panels with over 40 years of experience
- Because Isocindu is always at the forefront in the technological innovation research
- To be always up to date on the national and international quality, technical and construction standards
- To best support your customers and inspire your collaborators
- To be more competitive.

Our seminars are the occasion to be up to date on technology and on the use of sandwich panels, and to share our thoughts on the development of the market. They are a moment of knowledge and professional growth.

In every meeting, we deal with specific subjects such as:
- The composition of a sandwich panel: materials and characteristics
- How to use and install wall panels, roofing panels, corrugated sheets and special systems and products: benefits and performance
- Standards and certifications
- Focus on specific sectors: The refrigerator panel and the cold storage logistics; the farm panel and the sector of zootechny; architectural panels; etc.
- Focus on special products and novelties: the Ark-Wall ventilate façades; the Isosky skylight system; the use of panels in sustainable LEED projects; etc.

Contact us to organize a workshop with us in your Country.


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