Wine & Steel: The Winery of the Future

13 Apr 2018
Technology, design and sustainability. These are the pillars on which the future winery rests, a sought-after place where the ancient art of winemakers meets today’s modernity.

A space that represents meeting, sharing and conviviality, immersed in a rich and benevolent natural environment. This is how Manni Group reinterprets the Winery of the Third Millennium – an icon of harmony of shapes and spaces, able to dialogue with the surrounding landscape, giving life to an architecture in which design becomes essence.

Efficiency. Isopan offers the widest range of panels to isolate and protect every type of structure, in harmony with the surrounding environment. Rustic and traditional systems, such as Isocappotto for walls and Isodomus for the roofs, or high-tech solutions, such as ventilated ArkWall facades, make the winery more efficient, reducing energy consumption and enhancing the image of the brand. Manni Energy consultancy allows costs to be optimised and waste to be eliminated: LED photovoltaic panels can improve the company's energy and financial performance and make it self-sufficient.

Sustainability. Reducing the environmental impact of your business is easier with Manni Group. Construction steel is a durable, elastic and ductile material that is recycled and reused. A well-insulated building with metal panels requires less energy and reduces air-conditioning costs and emissions into the environment. Part of the expense can be deducted when replacing the asbestos roofing with Manni Group products, and the company becomes more beautiful and safe.

Design. Renewing a production company by dedicating a reception area means designing new functional spaces that can facilitate the meeting point between supply and demand and redeveloping your brand. Guests will appreciate the functionality of the environments, the efficiency of the facilities, the quality of the materials chosen and the technical solutions adopted in respect of the environment. With the Manni Group, the winery is projected into the future: it becomes a 'signature winery', perfectly integrated with the natural landscape.


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