25 Mar 2020

Insulated metal panels, have properties that made them the first choice for all applications that demand fast, simple, economic and sustainable construction solution. The IMP is a prefabricated product thought for the building safety. It´s important to perform different tests and evaluations so they could ensure the safety, thermal performance, high density features among others.

Here we mention some basic tips that can be used to verify the quality and performance of the IMP

Thickness and density:

Is important to have in mind that each panel respect with precision the selected thickness and density core. If any panel defer in inches or millimeters with another, no matter how minimum they could be, It could have trouble in the joint and in the moment of installation, generating so, thermal dispersions or thermal bridges in which the building users could see be affected, or in other case like the cooling chambers the products could see decayed.

We recommend to measure the panel inches with regularly before buying and check the thickness. When the IMP core shows pore texture, it might be consider as a warning of low-density core, and it might be lower than recommended.

Adherence and Stability:

The low resistance and traction panel could cause torsions or strain in the building, losing all panel primary function. 

The first thing to do is to request a force and traction test, where it shows that it’s not under the 0.12Mpa, and search that the panel core has no caves (holes) or some kind of detachment in the metal sheet with the core.

Fire Resistance:

As its name says, put on test the IMP core with direct flame, in this case, it could show some behaviors, but the one that warns about a low quality core is the one that could burn out faster. Low fire resistance IMP could start to consume in less time and generate more flame form itself, getting the foam to consume itself and weaken the building, bringing more fire and more life risk.

IsoCindu manufactures IMP with updated quality certifications, density, thickness and dimension tests in every square feet that we produce to guarantee safety and accomplish with the different international and national policies.


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