Isopan´s Green Roof

2 Dec 2019

Our sister company in Trevenzuolo, Verona (Italy), has change the executive office roof to the Green Roof system.

351 m2 embrace the headquarter roof at Isopan SpA in Trevenzuolo, transformed into a perfect Green Roof thanks to the 54 Isodeck PVSteel panels with 6500 m long, 27cm of soil and 3 weeks of work.

The Green roof is passable, so, useable as a relax area for the employees; it is the ideal solution to upgrade 30% the insulated performance in the whole structure.

Green Roof integrates itself to a plane insulated panel roof. The external sheet coated with a synthetic and waterproof special layer in PVC or olefin based thermo-plastic elastomers. The thermal insulation is guarantee by the insulated foam core made of polyurethane or mineral wool.

The green area divides in 160 m2 of extensive green plants and 98 m2 of intensive plants, with rainwater retention of 461 m2 for extensive plants and 85 m2 for the intensive plants.

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