15 Aug 2019

When the coating material is applied on the metallic surface, it forms a film that has protective and decorative properties (Coil coating process). Here we present a list with some of the most important points that you have to take into account when choosing a pre painted and have a greater effectiveness:

Application of panels (industrial, farms, offices, hotels, etc.)

The applications of insulated metal panels determines the choice of pre-painted, since the conditions are different for each type of construction.


• External or internal side of the steel

The IsoCindu panel is constituted by a thermally insulating mass of rigid polyisocyanurate with closed cells of high density, with two profiled metal sheets. The two faces of the panel are in contact with two different environments:

  1. External face: in contact with the pollutants present in the atmosphere, such as wind, sun and UV rays that, in addition to increasing the temperature of the external metal face, produce a chemical-physical action on the organic coatings.
  2. Internal face: with a temperature significantly lower due to the thermal insulation of the panel, it is in contact with pollutants due to production lines, condensation, action of chemical agents used in washing or carried by vapors.

• The external environmental conditions (level of contamination), internal (humidity, chemical substances) geographic (height above sea level, latitude) and solar radiation.

For the best color election in the project, the designer must know the following data:

1. External environment (level of contamination)

2. Internal environment (humidity, presence of chemical substances)

3. Distance from the sea

4. Height above sea level

5. Latitude

According to these answers, the designer or the end user must obtain the following codes:

• RC external (resistance to corrosion in the external environment)

• RC internal (resistance to corrosion in the internal environment)

• RUV external (resistance to UV rays on the outside)

• UVR internal (resistance to UV rays inside)

It is necessary to know all the characteristics of the product, especially for what the intervention entity refers to, the use of the panels and / or sheets on the facade and / or cover, the final use of the product, eventual conditioning installations and emissions.

Equally important are the conditions of the external environment and the geographical position of the project.

 The color

The choice of color can be made in two ways:

1. Based on the color tables present in the IsoCindu catalogues;

2. Sending a sample of the desired color to IsoCindu.

Before the final choice, it should be considered that dark colors deteriorate before light colors. The designer must also evaluate the color differences that the product will suffer and the relative variations in brightness.

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