ARK WALL ventilated facade - LEXUS

21 Feb 2020

Ventilated facades are one of the best examples of technology that reaches high thermal and acoustic insulated values, with material and systems that guarantee high aesthetics and architectural quality.

These facades had different functions:

- Lateral stresses

- Decoration

- Energy containment 

- Acoustic insulation 


For the new Lexus concessionaire Faro (Portugal), RARCON architects create a minimalist building with irregular geometric shape. To do this possible, they decide for a ventilated facade system that allows creating an external facing that could adapt to the morphologic proposal. With the "Ark Wall" they achieve, no only a fast work execution, also a singular esthetic finish.

RARCON architecture studio assume the project to create a building with a strong identity, in RARCON words "Starting from a metallic pre-existing structure and the reformulation of a commercial area, we develop an iconic piece that could reassert as lead character of the external face. The pre-existing structure had a very particular shape to shelter the technical needs technical needs required by the program, an exposition zone, office, lounge and a superior technical floor. Also arose the need to adapt the slope to include the program and for the rainwater drain control. The walls were thought as a 5th raise, treated, molded and coated, so it could have uniformity form any point of view, the geometry was deliberate folded with the intention  to stand out and attract the client to the interior. These geometries where introduced by an autonomous substructure as a skin that grabs itself to the pre-existing structure, so it could allow a free design from the object. We notice that the relation of the interior building and the exterior is direct, and it´s a dialogue with the external wall language. Therefore, the interior is mold by the metallic structure, turning it characteristic for the angles and torsions that shapes it. The building works as whole, with a strong morphologic identity of the brand, in which the chromatic part and the shape prevail the space".

The use of a dry and lightweight construction allows, not only a better thermal performance for the building, also as an excellent architectural finish. The solution was to choose for the ARK-WALL ventilated facade that adapts perfectly to the irregular external shape designed. The system allows that a lightweight structure that holds the insulated panels could resist the final external wall with fiber concrete. The result is a homogenic facade and roof using the same constructive elements.

Ark wall gets the best thermal and acoustic insulation of the building and at the same time eliminates thermal bridges and becomes as atmospheric external changes shield. The system brings a high transpire factor and prevents the moisture accumulation. With these upgrades, the building gets more comfort for the users, lowering the energy consumption for the air conditioning. Finally, Ark Wall is a functional solution, lightweight, dry, easy maintenance and high esthetic value and durability. The use of lightweight panels reduce the transmitted weight to the structure of the building and avoids the risk of external wall breaking off, thanks to the thermal expansion given by the fastening components.

Technical sheet:

Project: Lexus, Faro concessionaire.

Place: Faro, Portugal.

Architect: RARCON arquitectura e consultadoria.

Client: Caetano Auto.

Surface: 239,00 m2.

IsoCindu solution: ARK Wall ventilated finish facade with fiber concrete.

Photography: Ivo Tavares Studio.

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