The history of Isocindu has far origins; it starts from Italy and develops at international level, ranking the company as the second world manufacturer of insulating panels.


A long journey to become international leaders

The ’70s:

In 1974, the company Mediterranea S.p.A. was founded, with its HQ in Milan, the first manufacturer of metal insulating panels for buildings in Italy. The following year, the Company changed its name to Isopan.

The ’80s:

In 1988, Manni Group acquired the company from Patrica (Frosinone). The management established from the start for Isopan a strategic development plan, with the purpose of improving and strengthening the position of the brand in the Italian market of insulating panels.

The ‘90s:

Isopan’s results are excellent: the company has acquired an ever growing popularity, integrating its range of products and services. The investments support the production of corrugated sheets, tinsmithery and accessories for panels.

Towards the end of the decade, Manni Group develops a strong propensity to internationalization, specifically with Isopan, the area of business that offers the best opportunities of expansion abroad.

From 2000 - 2015:

In 2001, Isopan opens the first manufacturing facility abroad, in Tarragona, Spain (Isopan Iberica), with the objective to respond quicker and more efficiently to the growing European demand. The following year, the company increases the production of panels in Italy with the construction and start of a new production facility in Trevenzuolo (Verona), equipped with the last-generation systems for the production of special panels.

New facilities open in the following years: in Rumania (2007, Isopan Est), where the brand is rather popular thanks to the export from Italy that allowed us to gain a significant position in the industrial, housing and cold storage sectors; in Germany (2012, Isopan Deutschland); in Russia (2015, Isopan Rus with HQ in Volžskij –Volgograd); and in Mexico (joint venture Isocindu in Silao – Guanajuato).

IsoCindu is born

Isopan and Cindu unite their knowledge in the manufacture of construction materials to start an ambitious and cutting-edge project called IsoCindu with an area of ​​51 thousand square meters located in Puerto Interior in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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